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jack & diane // john cougar

oh, yeah, life goes on
long after the thrill of living is gone
they walk on

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i would like a pep talk. will someone pep talk me something nice?

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Eva HesseRepetition Nineteen III, 1968


Eva Hesse
Repetition Nineteen III, 1968

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no, really, someone please punch me in the face.

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I identified some residencies stateside that I am going to apply for for next summer. None of them will be for glass. Primarily sculpture with a side of silk screening. The proposals will all be following the same overwhelming fucking ideas.

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i need some guidance

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want it back // amanda palmer & the grand theft orchestra

it doesn’t matter if you want it back
you’ve given it away, you’ve given it away

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I want to get into a fight. By “fight” I mean that I want someone to punch me in the face.

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When I was 13, I played bass in the middle school jazz band. Rehearsals occurred on Friday mornings, before school. This meant that I took an early morning school bus. My house was directly in the middle of the block, so I could either walk up to the top of the hill to catch it or walk down the hill to catch it. Uphill was more houses. Downhill was next to a beach that had a metal bar that swung closed at night to prevent anyone from parking, and to attempt to dissuade anyone from hanging out. One chilly morning at 7:43 am, I dragged my bass down the hill to wait for the school bus. The sun was barely coming out, and I was leaning against some railing, one eye half on the beach parking lot, when I heard uneven footsteps. Horrified and convinced I was about to die, envisioning a nearly commencing battle - Sara Jean and her Bass Guitar fighting for their lives against some awful forest monster - I turned my head and saw a man coming from the beach. He was older, he had peppery white hair stuck around his head like wiry cotton balls. His sweater looked dirty, even from far away, and he was shuffling closer to the entrance where I stood, not sure how appropriate it was to feel so petrified of this man emerging from wherever he had been previously. I tried to shift where I stood to avoid whatever trajectory he was on, but I couldn’t judge it. He finally got to the entrance and rather than walking through the path that wasn’t obstructed by any piece of metal, he climbed over the guard rail, which is how I realized that he only had one shoe on. The other foot wore a dirty, thick-looking sock.

I watched him shuffle around the corner, and then I walked up the road to meet the bus.

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My feet are so cold

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I’m selling these. $4 for the multi-colored ones, $3 for the single colored patches. Hand silk screened on fabric. Sizes vary a bit. Let me knowwwwwwwww.

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I just became BFFLs with this guy in the FedEx call center. I told him that he should get a gold star. He wrote my name down in pen on his “favorite people to talk to” list. He gave me his extension number. We told each other that forever is promise. This is some pinky swear shit.

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fucking loans, man.

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