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idostuff asked: Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send to 10 of your followers.


Five nice thangs. Let’s see.

  1. My hair is more often than not a very nice shade of blue, and I’m into that sort of thing.
  2. I write well.
  3. I am capable of holding a conversation with many different people.
  4. I can create some pretty powerful farts.
  5. I am an organ donor, so hopefully, if something is to happen, I can help someone else out.

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I was at the bar 100 feet from my door hanging out, and this dude is staring at me. When I stared back he said knowingly

"Those aren’t big feet"

at which point I once again acknowledged I was wearing a bigfoot tshirt and acknowledged he was making a joke about my boobs so I stared at him, chin up-pointed, down my long crooked nose, and asked him to repeat himself.

"Excuse me? What ? I didn’t hear you"

Keep in mind this is a small town and this is a small bar. A guy I have known since college is sitting at my table and starts laughing in spite of himself.

"Those aren’t..big feet"

My friend continues laughing and I continue elongating my stare down my elongating nose until the guy turns around.

I was informed that this person was not embarrassed, but I asked him to repeat himself before he defeated-ly turned around.

Excuse me, who are you?

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yo —————————

poop log

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They are now enforcing serious firewall usage at work, which means I cannot use the vast majority of websites for reasons such as “humor” and “kidtimewasting,” (that was xkcd). But it also blocks the lecture notes for the open courses at MIT and that is what  am the most irritated about. I monitor this company’s facebook, (despite the fact that I am a peon), and my supervisor had to make a case/beg for them to allow my facebook usage to continue to do that - but they made certain to tell me that my facebook activity, just like the rest of the web activity, will continue to be monitored. lol.

So yesterday I began googling things such as “puppy in hat,” “dogs wearing hats,” “cats in costumes,” “live pigs in blankets,” and then I leave my browser open while I do other things, such as color with crayons, at my desk. Today begins more intense searches, such as “why are my fingers like tiny sausages,” and “what ever happened to the good ol’ days?”

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i feel very lost.

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My dad and brother visited us, and we went alpine sliding at Bromley. That was pret-ty neat-o.

My dad and brother visited us, and we went alpine sliding at Bromley. That was pret-ty neat-o.

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dreams // fleetwood mac

thunder only happens when it’s raining
players only love you when they’re playing

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I have been working on a new song and a half. I think I’m going to try to record another lp before the end of the month.

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#it's gotta happen sometime 
yesterday we had to go through comment cards from our restaurant.

yesterday we had to go through comment cards from our restaurant.

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Yesterday at our company’s river trip/food/beer situation, I bled through my shorts while canoeing downriver with my coworker. I had to ask her to butt-check me when we got out of the canoe. Ugh city.

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This girl on Facebook posted some serious fear-mongering “listicle” from some RED FLAG NEWS website- something like “25 FACTS you need to know about the current Ebola outbreak,” and it was laden with unfinished statements and stupid comments about all of this that the person who wrote it obviously has not done their research beyond reading other fear-mongering websites, and I wrote this big paragraph as nicely as I could explaining this and I left it for 30 seconds and then deleted it because I hate fighting on the internet, it is the most stupid thing. If you want to read something and repost it without researching, go for it, it is not my job to correct you, and I won’t fix you even if I change your opinion because you will continue in the same way. It is just a shame. Ugh ugh mass misinformation.

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